International shipping service Aviano (PN)

International shipping service – shipping with a DHL courier

Phone Center Etc offers its customers an international shipping service with a DHL courier. With this service, shipping with DHL couriers is fast and easy; our customers can ship or collect goods and packages with great flexibility.

DHL, one of the leading names in international shipping, guarantees a high-quality and very convenient service. Thanks to its widespread DHL network, shipping is easy and offered at competitive prices.

With this service– our shop in Aviano (PN) is a DHL service point available to the public – we want to help our customers and make international shipping easy. With us, you can find great service and top competence at the best rates. For additional information or requests, contact or visit us.
  • V. Sacile, 1
    33081 AVIANO (PN)
  • info@phonecenteret...
  • 0434 660999
  • Vicolo Nino Bixio, 4 33097 Spilimbergo (PN)
  • 0427 926416 Fax 0427 927737