Phone Center Etc

Phone Center Etc
Phone Center Etc is the go-to place for landline and mobile phone services in Pordenone and the surrounding area – our shops are in Spilimbergo and Aviano, but we also have numerous online offers for our customers.

Since 2000 we have been providing customers with sales and assistance for: hardware and software, services and technology for mobile and landline phone services. We offer technology solutions, mobile phones, smartphones, money transfers and international shipping services, and more.

We deal with providers such as Vodafone, Wind, Western Union, DHL, RIA, SKY and more. With us, customers can find everything they need for their mobile and landline phone needs and our other services.

At Phone Center Etc you can find products and services and, most importantly, the utmost care. Our three guiding principles are: competence, courtesy, convenience. We also sell online:

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Our shops

Via Sacile 1/B - Aviano (PN)

Vicolo N. Bixio 4 - Spilimbergo (PN)

  • V. Sacile, 1
    33081 AVIANO (PN)
  • info@phonecenteret...
  • 0434 660999
  • Vicolo Nino Bixio, 4 33097 Spilimbergo (PN)
  • 0427 926416 Fax 0427 927737

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